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A Coffee With Glynis Charlton, Writer and Creative Writing Tutor

In Haworth we had the chance to meet lots of lovely people who really made us feel at home and made this trip so special that that we can’t help telling you everything about it.
One of them is Glynis Charlton, author and professional tutor who runs amazing creative writing workshops in England and Italy. We got in touch with Glynis through our Facebook page, and since she is currently living not far from Haworth, we were more than happy to meet for a coffe.IMG_4753

We met this beautiful and charming red-headed woman on a warm sunny day in Main Street, and it was love at first sight! We started chatting about Haworth, the Brontë sisters -she loves them, and she also had run a workshop at the Brontë Parsonage Museum- , literature and writing, but we also felt like talking about ourselves as if we had known her forever.

She touched our hearts when, to wish us good luck with our job,  she wrote us a long card, and gave us some little books, as small as the ones the Brontë siblings used to write on, which were handmade created during one of her workshops. We really enjoyed the time spent together, and we can’t wait to see her again and maybe take part in one of her amazing workshops. 

14256230_10208888571546075_971831682_nGlynis’ next creative writing workshop will take place on Isola Maggiore (Umbria, Italy) from 17th September to 24th September, 2016. There are very few places left for these dates so, if you love writing but you need some guidance, quiet and inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact her. She’s such a clever and charismatic woman, you’ll surely love her!

For further information, here are the links to Glynis’ Facebook page  and her website, where you can find all the details about the next Italian Writing Retreat workshop, and subscribe to the newsletter to keep up to date with her work:

 Glynis Charlton – Italian Writing Retreats

Italian Writing Retreat – 17-24 Sept, 201


Glynis Charlton’s Website

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